A cookie is a small file which is placed on the User’s hard drive or mobile phone / tablet preferences during a website visit. This file enables the user to move quickly around The Rektro Website. It is also designed to identify returning users. Rektro also uses a cookie to track a user’s sessions and preferences. The Company uses this information to find out which products and website features are the most popular and to utilise this information collected to show the user relevant content in the future.

Further information on the use of Cookies can be found at

Users can opt out of cookies by rejecting this request by Rektro, when they first visit the Company Website or by sending us an email to (link).

To be able to provide the best possible level of service, Rektro uses reputable third-party re-marketing solutions to advertise across the Internet. The solutions will display advertisements to Users based on what parts of the Rektro Website they have viewed by placing a cookie on their web browser. This cookie does not in any way identify Users or give access to their computer or other devices. The cookie is used to indicate which other websites that the User may have visited, or a particular page so that Rektro can show the User offers and adverts relating to that page. Re-marketing solutions allow Rektro to tailor its marketing better to suit Users needs and display advertisements that are more relevant to them. If Users who visit the Rektro Website, don not wish to generate such remarketing cookies, they can opt out in the following ways:

  1. To opt-out of usage of cookies and pixel tags on the retro website please click here or send us an email to .
  2. To opt-out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising lnitiative opt-out page by clicking here on this link.

Rektro uses reputable third-parties to deliver emails. These third-parties use unique identifiers and invisible images, often called pixel tags or clear GIFs to perform message opening sensing, message format sensing and click through sensing on behalf of the Company to bring Users more relevant information and offers.

Users have the right to opt out of cookies and pixel tags. If they wish to do so please click here or send the Company an email to .